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Board Members


President - Brandon McCullers

Vice President - Sara Wigman

Secretary - Anita Morrison

Treasurer - Lori Turpin

Paul Burgeson, Valerie Khatadia, and Lee Anne Owens


When are the meetings?

The Board meets the third Monday of each month at 6:30 p.m. at the Library in the Webb Board Room.

Can anyone attend the meetings?

The meetings are open to the public in accordance with the Open-Door law.

What does the library board do?

The library board governs and sets policy for the library. It may make rules for the discharge of its responsibilities and it may manage and insure all real and personal property belonging to the library.


How do you qualify to be a board member?

a) Be a resident of Brownsburg, Brown Township or Lincoln Township for at least two years before the appointment and reside in the district while your term is being served.

b) Be appointed by the appropriate governing body.  [IC 36-12-2-9 and 36-12-2-11]

  • Two (2) members appointed by the executive of the county in which the library district is
    located (county commissioners) 

  • Two (2) member appointed by the fiscal body of the county in which the library district is
    located (county council) 

  • Three (3) members appointed by the school board of the school corporation serving the
    library district. 

How long is the term for a board member and when are the elections held?

A board member term is four (4) years.  An appointee to a library board may not serve more than four (4) consecutive terms on the library board. 

Board Officer Elections are held in December of each year and terms begin January 1. 

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