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Thanks for your interest in our notary service.

Please note that we will make every effort to honor the time you request, however until you receive an email from us please note your appointment is not confirmed.

Service Availability

This service is free of charge, but must be booked in advance in order to ensure availability (walk-ins will not be accommodated). 



Please bring the documents that require notarization, unsigned and grouped together to expedite the process.


Please note: we cannot notarize or act as an authorized representative for I-9 documents, wills, living trusts, or power of attorney documents. We cannot act as title agent, abstractor, searcher, real estate agent/broker or perform any escrow services (such as setting up accounts or transferring funds).


Notaries have the right to refuse service.


Photo ID

The notary will ask you to present photo ID that includes a signature in order to compare it with the document (s) you sign in our presence.


Witnesses & Parties on the Documents

Please plan to provide your own witnesses should they be required for your document.  The library cannot provide witnesses for you.

All parties required to sign the document (s) must be present.

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