Board Meeting


Next Meeting - May 11, 2020 @ 7pm

Financial Support from our Friends 



  • Supported costs for supplies or presenters for 704 library programs with over 12,000 attendees

  • Funded staff training initiatives throughout the year

  • Sponsored participation in various outreach events in the community

A chart for 2019 Revenues and Expenditures    

2020 Board Members:

President - David Ratcliff (12/31/2020)

Vice President - Rhonda Nelson (12/31/2020)

Secretary - Mary Baechle (12/31/2021)

Treasurer - Lara Boulton (12/31/2020)

Member-At-Large - Cari Palma (12/31/2021)

Past Meetings

Our Wishlist

With property taxes capped (a good thing) and other limitations on how much funding we can request combined with a growing community (another good thing) it is becoming tougher to maintain our current level of offerings and services without seeking out alternative funding.


Check out our Pinterest board to see our current wishlist items that are outside our current scope of funding. 

2019 Friends Revenues.jpg
2019 Friends Expenditures.jpg